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Past Grants: Scholarships


  • Ella Berry, 2020/21

    The Plowden Scholarship is allowing me to move into natural history conservation, after discovering my passion for the subject during my undergraduate degree in Zoology

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  • Amy Dix, 2014/15

    MA Stained Glass Conservation and Heritage Management, York University. The Anna Plowden Trust bursary allowed me to continue into the second year of my Masters course, which began after a 16-week work placement in Munich.

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  • Abigail Duckor, 2014/15

    MSc in Conservation for Archaeology and Museums, University College London The second year of the MSc comprises a ten-month internship, and I am currently completing mine at the Oxford University Natural History Museum. I

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  • Jenna Taylor, 2014/15

    MSc in Conservation Practice, Cardiff University. I feel extremely privileged to have been chosen for one of the Trust's scholarships and cannot express how much it has helped towards my studies.

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  • Jessica Hyslop, 2014/15

    My first year at West Dean College studying Conservation of Books and Library Materials has proved as enriching and rewarding an experience as I had hoped.

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  • Laura Wilkinson, 2014/15

    MA in Conservation of Historic Objects, University of Lincoln. It has been an incredibly concentrated year. The objects I worked on were eclectic in nature and we had great support from our tutors.

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  • Letitia Steer, 2014/15

    MSc in Conservation for Archaeology and Museums, University College London. Letitia is now Collections Care Conservator at the Museum of London.

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  • Fiona Wain, 2013/14

    MPhil Textile Conservation, Centre for Textile Conservation, University of Glasgow. The scholarship has given me the opportunity to be a part of the conservation community.

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  • Liza Nathan, 2013/14

    City and Guilds: Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation. So far the course has given me a base in craft skills such as stone and wood-carving, gilding and japanning. By understanding of how objects are made we can understand how objects fall apart.

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  • Puneeta Sharma, 2013/14

    Camberwell College of Art: MA Conservation, Art on Paper. Thanks to the APT I am now able to work my dream job everyday. What a huge privilege!

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  • Hannah Young, 2012/13

    In 2012/13 Hannah Young received an Anna Plowden Trust Conservation Bursary towards her fees on the Postgraduate Diploma course in Metalwork Conservation at West Dean. Her course work included the conservation of a range of

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  • Emma Nichols, 2012/13

    During her final year on the MA course at Camberwell, Emma Nichols covered a broad range of subjects in paper, book and parchment conservation.

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  • Katie Harrison, 2012/13

    Katie finished her MA in Stained Glass Conservation at York University in the summer of 2013. The course combines both practical and theoretical study, with a number of research trips and studio placements. Katie had an 18

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  • Will Gilbert, 2012/13

    Will Gilbert received a Conservation Bursary for the final year of his Conservation Studies at City & Guilds. During the year Will was able to combine “conservation work on four fragments of a large geometric mosaic floor

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  • Charlotte Baron, 2011/12

    Charlotte completed her three-year Post-graduate course in Conservation at the City & Guilds of London Art School in the summer of 2012. The course was very varied and Charlotte worked with “stone, wood, plaster, decorative

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  • Lucy Crombie, 2011/12

    Lucy did an MA in Conservation at Camberwell College of Arts, where she specialised in book conservation, starting on small projects and practising different techniques essential in the profession, which was extremely useful

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  • Beatrice Farmer, 2011/12

    In the academic year 2011/12 the Anna Plowden Trust funded three students on the second year of the Textile Conservation course at the University of Glasgow. All three found the course both enjoyable and challenging and feel

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  • Emma Payne, 2011/12

    Emma completed the first year of her MSc in conservation for Archaeology and Museums at University College London. A large part of the course consists of practical conservation work. The objects she worked on included “a

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  • Tristram Bainbridge, 2010/11

    Tristram left West Dean with a MA in Conservation Studies, with a focus on furniture and related decorative arts. The structure of the course was flexible and allowed Tristram greater opportunity to control the direction of

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  • Elizabeth Hippisley-Cox, 2010/11

    The following is a report on Elizabeth's time as a student. If you want to read what she has been up to since then, do read her report , published in Icon News September 2017, about her time as a William Morris Craft Fellow.

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  • Helen Bower, 2009/10

    Helen graduated from the University of York in February 2011, with an MA in Stained Glass Conservation and Heritage Management. The course is the only one of its kind in the English speaking world and Helen and her seven

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  • Stephen Gray, 2009/10

    I was lucky enough to be awarded a grant from the Anna Plowden Trust and elected to learn more about the conservation of photographic materials. My current role involves the collection, standardisation and preservation of

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  • Rachel Sawicki

    After periods working in the Chester Beatty Library and the National Library of Australia, I now work as a Conservator within Cambridge University Library's Conservation and Collection Care team, where my learning and love for book conservation continues.

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  • Hannah Barrett, 2006/7

    I was very fortunate to receive the support of the Anna Plowden Trust in 2006 and 2007, this enabled me to take up my place on the two-year MA Textile Conservation programme at the Textile Conservation Centre . The training

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  • Gregory Bell, 2006/07

    Gregory Bell completed the one-year course at West Dean College in the conservation and restoration of antique clocks. Having successfully made a test piece, which was also deliberately damaged and repaired, he was allowed to

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  • Rosamund Weatherall, 2005/06

    Rosamund Weatherall completed her MA in Textile Conservation at the Textile Conservation Centre in 2005. In the first year Rosamund was introduced to “many of the core skills required to make an assessment of the condition

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  • Craig Horsfall, 2005/06

    Head of Conservation, John Jones London I am very grateful to have received the APT course-fees bursary while at Northumbria University, supporting my studies and enabling me after graduation in 2006 to start my early career

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  • Natalia Zagorska-Thomas, 2003/04

    MA Textile Conservation. Natalia is now a freelance Textile Conservator; her clients have included the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Hawel Castle Krakow and the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha.

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  • Lizzie Meek, 2003/4

    Now working in Antarctica for the New Zealand-based Antarctic Heritage Trust, I received a Plowden Scholarship in 2003. Since 2008 I have been Pogramme Manager-Artefacts for the Antarctic Heritage Trust.

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