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Carlotta Camelli

MA Stained Glass Conservation and Heritage Management
University of York

I am currently attending my last year of the MA in Stained Glass Conservation and Heritage Management. The course has a good balance between theory and practice. I have been able to use some of my existing skills, such as my knowledge of Latin and history of art background, and have developed a range of conservation skills.

Great importance is given to a 16-week placement. For my placement I worked at the York Glaziers’ Trust, where I was supervised by expert conservators.  I conserved glass dating from 12th to 19th centuries from York Minster and Lincoln College, Oxford. This has developed my understanding the differences between stained glass from various eras and has given me many new and transferable skills.

This insightful experience, together with the research projects I have been working on, and the new skills and techniques I keep learning every day, is equipping me for my professional career. This would have not been possible without the generous help of the Anna Plowden Trust, for which I am extremely grateful.