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Katie Harrison, 2012/13

Katie finished her MA in Stained Glass Conservation at York University  in the summer of 2013. The course combines both practical and theoretical study, with a number of research trips and studio placements.

Katie had an 18-week studio placement in Ghent in the summer of 2012 where she rapidly developed “leading and glazing skills and began to put into practice the conservation theory” she had learnt in the first year. In the second year there was a “stronger focus on the practical application of my knowledge and skills, with assessments including the creation of media and management plans, as well as a practical conservation plan. I am particularly proud that the media plan I created for the Stained Glass Centre, St Martin-cum-Gregory’s, York, has been adopted by the Stained Glass Trust, which runs the centre”.

Katie was successful in securing the Award for Excellence, a travelling scholarship provided by the Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass, which will enable her to work in some of the top European conservation studios.