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Clara Low

MPhil Textile Conservation
University of Glasgow

Since beginning my course in 2017 as a novice, I have learned an enormous amount, from practical conservation skills to the science of fibres, material culture and preventive conservation. I have worked on objects as diverse as silk-lined lace cuffs and 7th century Sudanese burial textiles, addressing clients’ needs and learning from the unique challenges of each project.

In addition to the core teaching, volunteer work with the Centre’s Pacific Barkcloth project and a fantastic summer placement at the British Library (which has a surprisingly large textile collection) have been opportunities I have been fortunate to enjoy as part of this course. Now in my second and final year, I am looking forward to beginning my career in textile conservation, combining my new skills with the love of cloth, which has passed through my family for generations.

All of this has been made possible by the generous support of the Anna Plowden Trust over two years.  This support has opened up new paths and opportunities for my future. Moving forward, I hope also that my example will encourage others from an ethnic minority background to consider a career in textile conservation.