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Gregory Bell, 2006/07

Gregory Bell completed the one-year course at West Dean College in the conservation and restoration of antique clocks.

Having successfully made a test piece, which was also deliberately damaged and repaired, he was allowed to work on a number of clocks. These differed both in themselves and in the repairs needed by each. Two copies of a report on each repair were made, one remaining at the college and the other going to the customer. During the year Gregory also heard lectures by the course tutor and by visiting experts – including a freelance illustrator who demonstrated that by using good observational skills and studying the original style of the maker the repairer can make replacement parts that blend in with the original components of the clock - as well as visiting stately homes, museums and workshops. He was invited by an established clock-maker to visit him to see how he ran his clock business. Having finished the course, he started working towards establishing his ownworkshop.