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Alice Woodward, 2015/16

MA Works of Art on Paper, Northumbria University

I am extremely grateful to the Anna Plowden Trust for providing financial support that enabled me to embark on a two-year conservation masters programme for works of art on paper at Northumbria University. The funding I received allowed me to focus solely on my studies and relieved me from the pressure of working part-time whilst studying. By engrossing myself in my studies I feel that I have managed to get the most out of the MA programme so far and have produced a portfolio of work that I feel very proud of.

During the course I completed placements at Royal Museums Greenwich and the V&A. Each was immensely challenging and rewarding, enabling me to apply the techniques and knowledge I had acquired at university.  With the guidance of my excellent placement supervisors, I gained confidence in ethical decision-making and building informed treatment proposals. In addition, my practical skills improved notably as I endeavored to improve the quality of my work through self-reflection, so that I could carry out treatments both efficiently and to a high standard.