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David Plummer, 2017/18

Graduate Diploma: Books and Library Materials, West Dean College

I am halfway through my Graduate Diploma in the Conservation of Books at West Dean College. So far, I have focused on assessing and recording the condition of books. I have also mastered a range of conservation treatments for books ranging from simple enclosure to repair and reinstatement of parts.

The role of the book conservator is multi-faceted, and essential if we are to continue to protect books and the rich historical insights they can provide. So, I enjoyed the workshop, Historical Bibliography, with Nicholas Pickwoad. Learning about the physicality of the book as an artefact rather than a vessel of text was fascinating.

I have benefited from the college’s excellent workshop access, strong connections to the heritage community and collaboration across the disciplines, giving me the chance to expand on previous experience in the setting of dedicated tutors and students alike.

Once qualified, my ambition is to work on Middle Eastern manuscript collections within a museum environment.

David received a further Scholarship in 2018/19 to complete the Postgraduate Diploma.  After two periods working in Leiden on the digitisation of Yemeni Manuscripts, he went on to become Book Conservator  at the Archdiocese of Malta