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This page provides some answers to questions that you may have about our two main grant schemes: Conservation Training Scholarships and Plowden/Clothworkers' Foundation CPD Grants - you can download application forms by following these links.

You can download our grant terms and conditions for Scholarships and CPD grants below:



Q. You offered me funding towards the cost of my fees. Is it possible to use it towards my living costs as I have received alternate funding for the fees?
A. No. For full-time courses we only give funding towards course fees.

Q. I am starting a 3-year BA in conservation, can I apply for fees for my first year?
A. Due to the number of applications that we receive we have tended to award bursaries to BA students in their final year, rather than their first or second years.

Q. I have been offered a place on a full-time, one year course but have decided to do it over two years. Am I eligible for funding?
A. Yes, but you would have to reapply for the second year.

Q. I received a grant from the Anna Plowden Trust towards the cost of my fees for the current academic year. Can I apply for next year?
A. Yes, but I am afraid that we cannot guarantee that you will be successful.

Q. I am currently studying for a Graduate Diploma and would like to do a Postgraduate/Master Diploma next year. Would it be appropriate to me to apply for funding?
A. Yes.

Q. Do I need a reference from the course leader even if I have not yet started the course?
A: Yes. Conservation course tutors know that this is a requirement and are happy to supply a reference. Even if you have never yet met them in person they can still provide us with helpful information from your course application/interview etc.  If you do not provide references with your application we will not consider it.

Q. I am only applying for funding to the Anna Plowden Trust, is that acceptable?
A. We expect all applicants to demonstrate that they have worked hard to raise or earn funds for their course.  Your application will be much stronger if you can demonstrate this.

Q. If you award me a bursary are there any requirements attached to it?
A. Yes, you must provide us with a report at the end of the academic year. You should also supply images that are of sufficient resolution to be used in publications and on our website.

Q. I would like to apply for funding to do a course/degree in conservation of our natural environment. Do you give funding towards this?
A. No. The Trust does not fund conservation projects per se, nor training in the conservation of buildings, the non-moveable heritage and the environment - except where the skills acquired could be applied to moveable objects.

Q. Now I have graduated, I have been offered an internship. Would you consider giving me funding towards this?
A. No, we do not have sufficient funds to support internships, sadly.

Q. I am an overseas student planning to return to my home country after I complete my conservation course, will I be eligible for a Plowden Scholarship?
A.  Realistically not: our funds are heavily over-subscribed so we will normally give preference to applicants who intend to make their careers in the UK.

Plowden/Clothworkers' Foundation CPD GRANTS

Q. I am a student/intern, can I apply?
A.  Unfortunately CPD grants are not available to current students or conservation interns.

What proportion of funding do you give towards CPD training?
A. We will consider awarding a grant of up to 50 per cent, up to a maximum grant of £1,000.

Q. Do you give funding towards the cost of giving a paper/making a presentation at a conference?
A. Yes, if you are giving a paper you can apply for a grant towards the cost of attending the conference at which you will be speaking.

Q. Are there any other funders I could approach for CPD funding?
A. Yes, Tru View, in association with Icon  is also offering CPD bursaries.

Q. Do you have application deadlines and an application form?
Yes.  We have 4 CPD deadlines a year and these are announced on the website at the beginning of each year; you can find this year's deadlines by following this link.  You can download an application form by following this link.

Q. I am a non-UK conservator who practices outside the UK, am I eligible to apply?
No. Our funds are heavily over-subscribed so we give preference to applicants who are based in the UK and whose careers are here.