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Award for Research and Innovation in Conservation

The Anna Plowden Trust has supported the Icon Conservation Awards for many years and Trustees were delighted to be able, once again, to offer this Award for Research and Innnovation in Conservation as part of the 2015 suite of Awards.

The Icon Conservation Awards 2015 were sponsored by Beko and managed by Icon, the Insititute of Conservation.  The awards themselves are offered by a number of partners including the Pilgrim Trust, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Anna Plowden Trust as well as by Beko.

The Anna Plowden Trust award recognises the achievements of those involved in conservation research and development. It is presented for the best completed programme of research or project aimed at furthering the knowledge and practice of conservation, including research leading to better understanding of materials, their technology of production and their conservation and the development of materials, equipment, systems or techniques for improved conservation and collection care, examination, analysis, treatment or monitoring.

All applications were considered by a panel of judges and the following projects were shortlisted:  

The Magna Carta Project: The British Library

IWM and the War Against Dust: Space vacuums, air bazookas and duster drones  Imperial War Museum

The Rothko Conservation Project: Tate

Congratulations to all of the teams whose projects have been shortlisted and many thanks to all the other applicants for submitting excellent projects.

Final judging took place during the summer and the winner was announced at the awards ceremony on 22nd October: to find out which the winning project is, follow this link....


The Award Criteria

Who was able to enter?

  • Applicants with a conservation, science or other relevant professional background based in public or commercial sector laboratories, studios or workshops.
  • A lead professional or individual representing a professional organisation.
  • Leaders of joint projects where the principal applicant and/or the project is supported by the collaborating organisations.
  • Projects that were carried out in the UK and completed between 1st January 2011 and 15th May 2015 and, in the case of international partnerships, included one UK resident researcher.

Judging Criteria
What the judges were looking for:

  • Excellence in project design, experimental technique, investigations, innovative solutions and resourcefulness
  • Demonstrated or potential wider benefit
  • Extent of actual or potential uptake and application
  • Revelations or discoveries
  • A high quality of collaboration with researchers, clients and others
  • Good documentation
  • Training benefits
  • Enhancement of public understanding and appreciation
  • Cost-effectiveness

Judging Process

  • Judging for this award was managed by The Anna Plowden Trust.
  • After the closing date for applications, 15th May 2015, a screening panel reviewed all received applications and created a shortlist based on the reports and supporting material provided.  
  • The shortlisted projects were judged by the Trustees
  • Shortlisted individuals/organisations presented their project as part of the process.