About Us

Supporting education and training in heritage conservation

The Anna Plowden Trust (Registered charity no. 1072236) was set up in 1998 and began its work in 1999.  Since then it has distributed over £500,000 in grants in support of conservation training, CPD and the conservation sector.  

We have:

  • awarded over 160 bursaries to assist students to train as conservators by contributing towards their tuition fees;
  • supported, through our bursaries, all of the major conservation training courses in the UK;
  • made over 100 grants to working conservators to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) in the UK and overseas. Some of this has been in support of conservation teaching staff, thereby multiplying the impact of the training received;
  • helped raise awareness to conservation by giving grants to publicise successful conservation projects and by supporting the Demos report 'It's a Material World';
  • funded a one year internship at the Victoria and Albert Museum
  • awarded four prizes for Research and Innovation in Conservation (as part of the Icon Conservation Awards Scheme);
  • provided financial help to support the convergence of the UK professional conservation bodies into Icon

Our Annual Report and Accounts for the last two years can be downloaded below:


  • Sally Higgs, awarded an APT bursary between 2013 and 2015
  • Elizabeth Hippisley-Cox awarded an APT bursary in 2010-11
  • Jon Slight APT Conservation Bursary 2013-14