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Willard Conservation supports the Anna Plowden Trust

The Trustees are delighted to announce that Willard Conservation Ltd have agreed to become Founder Corporate Supporter of the Anna Plowden Trust.

Paul Willard said, "as one of the world's leading producers of conservation tools and equipment, Willard Conservation is delighted to support the Anna Plowden Trust in its mission to help students to train as conservators and to help professional conservators to enhance their skills and knowledge though CPD".

The Chairman of the Anna Plowden Trust, Sue Palmer, said: "we are delighted that Willards has generously agreed become the Founder Corporate Supporter.  We hope that they will be the first of many companies operating in the conservation sector who will decide to support the Trust.  Currently we are only able to award grants to about a third of those who apply to us.  This support from Willard Conservation Ltd. is enormously helpful and makes a valuable contribution to our current fundraising campaign."

If your company would like to follow Willard's lead please contact us, we would be delighted to hear from you!