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Anna Plowden Trust Award for Research and Innovation 2015

The Anna Plowden Trust has supported the Conservation Awards for many years and the Trustees are pleased to be able, once again, to offer The Anna Plowden Trust Award for Research and Innovation in Conservation as part of the 2015 Awards.

The Icon Conservation Awards 2015 are sponsored by Beko and the awards themselves are offered by a number of partners including the Pilgrim Trust, the Institute for Mechanical Engineers and the Anna Plowden Trust as well as by Beko

The Anna Plowden Trust Award for Research and Innovation in Conservation recognises the achievements of those involved in conservation research and development. It is presented for the best completed programme of research or project aimed at furthering the knowledge and practice of conservation, including research leading to better understanding of materials, their technology of production and their conservation and the development of materials, equipment, systems or techniques for improved conservation and collection care, examination, analysis, treatment or monitoring.

In recent years there has been considerable activity in heritage science within the UK, including conservation, not least that funded by the Research Councils, and it is hoped that the researchers in relevant apsects of this field will feel encouraged to apply for this prestigious award.

Full details of the awards and the application process are available on the Awards website through which applications should be made.  Note the possiblity of expressing your early intention to apply, without commitment.