CPD Grants

Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Grants enable practicing conservators to take advantage of CPD opportunities by contributing towards the cost of short courses and attending conferences.

In 2015 the Trust  awarded 14 CPD grants; the courses and conferences that these grants enabled conservators to attend covered a wide range of subjects and have taken place both in the UK and abroad. Many of the applicants presented papers at international conferences. 

Deadlines for 2016 are:  January 12th, March 1st, May 6th, and September 15th.

Our funds are heavily over-subscribed so potential applicants may wish to bear in mind that we will normally give preference to applicants who intend to make their careers in the UK. All applications must be made on the APT's application form which can be downloaded below.  


Please note that you must apply in good time: it usually takes us four weeks to consider applications and we will not award a grant if the course or conference has already taken place.  So please plan ahead, be aware of our application deadlines and apply to us sufficiently in advance of the conference or course you wish to attend.

The Anna Plowden Trust's grants for CPD complement those offered by The Clothworkers' Foundation. and by Tru Vue in association with Icon.  Those applying for our grants may also wish to investigate their eligibility for these schemes.

"I would just like to say how grateful we are ("we" being the professional conservation community here in Scotland) for the continued support of the Anna PlowdenTrust towards the sometimes onerous costs involved in keeping up our CPD as required by Icon, and of course our own wishes to be as professional as we can manage."

Will Murray, Partner, Scottish Conservation Studio


  • Graeme Scott, CPD grant 2013-14, attended 'Poles, posts and canoes' in the US.
  • Susan Catcher, CPD grant 2013-14, at a scroll mounting studio in Nanjing.
  • Robert Minte, CPD grant 2013-14, giving paper at IIC Congress